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Among other things, the urologist should not exclude the possibility of damage to the genitourinary system by sexually transmitted infections.

Therefore, a competent specialist must necessarily conduct a study to determine these factors, which is an additional sign that confirms his competence.

Another important criterion in choosing a good urologist is his orientation in the field of sexopathology.

After all, sexual life, satisfaction or dissatisfaction with it has a great influence on the health of the genitals and vice versa, the state of the genitourinary system is directly related to the quality of sexual life.

An equally important point in determining a qualified specialist is his observance of medical ethics.

In this case, it is the preservation of confidential information about the specifics of the patient's illness, regardless of the severity and causes of pathologies.

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And finally, the final criterion on the basis of which it will be possible.

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to draw a conclusion about the competence of a doctor is the effectiveness of the treatment prescribed by him.

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Secondly, it provides enough information to make or confirm a diagnosis.

An ultrasound of the kidneys is prescribed for pain during urination, pain in the lumbar region, renal colic, turbidity and other neurontin pills in urine parameters.

Ultrasound examination allows you to determine the condition of neurontin, changes in the size, shape, structure of this organ, to reveal the presence of neoplasms, stones or sand.

This procedure is also used to control the process during a biopsy (pinching off tissue by inserting a special needle into the kidney), as well as when installing a drainage tube.

  • 2 Operating Rooms

  • A Procedure Room

  • Post-Operative and Pre-Operative Care

  • In this case, the presence of the parents is required.

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“The nursing staff were really friendly and kept my mind off the surgery coming.”

To do this, three days before the procedure, you must not eat foods that promote fermentation and the formation of gases - raw vegetables and fruits, cabbage and potatoes in any form, dairy products, black bread, sweets, carbonated drinks.

It is better to follow a certain diet before performing ultrasound diagnostics, which allows the use of cereals cooked in water, boiled meat, chicken, fish, steamed cutlets, cheese, boiled eggs, baked vegetables and fruits, and yesterday's bread.

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